Flamingo Plans

Free-flowing tequila and attractive young women in revealing bathing suits are about to play a key role in the Flamingo’s push to broaden its appeal to a wider range of customers.

Jimmy Buffett’s Margaritaville is scheduled to open a restaurant, bar and live music stage by next summer at the center Strip megaresort.

Drawing upon the mystique of the singer-songwriter’s best-known song, Margaritaville is expected to draw free-spending babyboomers and partying twentysomethings to the largely geriatric Flamingo.

The exact location for the themed bar and restaurant has not been determined.

Meantime, Michael Berk, the Las Vegas-based creator and executive producer of “Baywatch” and its spin-offs, is leasing more than 10 acres of the Flamingo’s pool area to redecorate as a themed enterprise.

Plans call for it to include two year-round restaurants and a seasonal outdoor luau show and “Baywatch Nights” nightclub.

The Flamingo has long been a healthy money maker for its owner-operator, Park Place Entertainment, but company executives believe that its size, location and price-conscious appeal could make it stronger with the proper marketing push.

“It’s a very good property right now, but there is clearly more potential,” said Lorenzo Creighton, the Flamingo’s newly appointed president.

Creighton declined to discuss details of the business arrangements with Berk and Buffett, who was not available for comment.

The pool area made sense because the hotel spent $57 million to remodel it in 1993, but “never pushed it as a revenue source,” Berk said.

The project now jump-starts with the “very ambitious” goal of being up and running by the July 4 holiday, Berk noted.

The Flamingo Grille has closed and will be remodeled as the Baywatch Beach Club with a sit-down menu. The Grotto Bar will become the Venice Beach Grill, selling pizza, hamburgers and hot dogs.

Berk says representatives of Bartender’s Local 165 and Culinary Local 226, which represent Flamingo bartenders and cocktail waitresses, have made “an incredible concession” to allow hiring to conform to the physical expectations of “Baywatch.”

“We expect to have the most attractive women and guys in the city,” Berk said. “The unions understand we’re ‘Baywatch’ and that’s what we’re selling.”

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Craps is the casino table game that appears to be the most crowded, the noisiest, the fastest, the most active, and the most fun which all adds up to being perhaps the most confusing. Taking a closer look at the popular casino table game you will see that even though there are many ways to place your wagers and that means there are many things to learn which may be less confusing that it first appears.
A few things for the newcomer to remember at the Craps table are:
1) As with all casino games you need to set your spending limit and stay arranged limits and after you decide what amount you can afford to spend you need to find a Craps game that has table limits you can afford to play within.

2) The person rolling the dice is called the shooter and continues to roll the dice until a seven is rolled.

3) Center bets are great, if you’re the casino – remember to ask the friendly crew member what they think is the best bet, you can even let them know you are a newcomer to the game, annd they will gladly tell you which are the best bets and which are not.

4) If you find you have exceeded your allotted amount of spending on your should stick around and watch the action and consider the

loss a learning experience. Listen to the lingo of the game, watch the crew and the players, and remember it takes time and patience to learn the game.

5) Some casinos offer teaching sessions where the game slows down and is explained by the crew to any whom wish to learn. Ask at your favorite casino if they offer this service and don’t be embarrassed to attend, no one knows anything until they learn. Remember, there is usually little time at the busy table to have all of your questions answered so read up, try it out, and then observe others playing and soon Craps may become your favorite casino table game.

Craps – try it out for fun when you first start and don’t expect to win much ask questions when there is opportunity to do so, observe the action and enjoy mastering the game.

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Internet Casino Ad


State officials were shocked recently when ads for an online gambling casino starting popping up on state Web sites. Gambling, even online gambling, is illegal in Hawaii.

How it happened was a difficult question to solve. It was a problem for the state because these ads actually encouraged people to make a bet and that would be against the law.

“They’re there to get some information from the state and when they see a gambling ad I don’t think that’s correct,” state campaign commissioner Tony Baldomero said.

The online casino ad popped up on several state Web pages when users tried to download documents. KITV4 News reporter Daryl Huff found it on Web sites for the Department of Transportation, the governor’s office and the campaign spending commission.

The ads seemed to violate a state policy against any advertising, let alone of an illegal product.

“We’re a state agency: we are not supposed to be putting ads out,” Baldomero said.

The state was not responsible for the gambling pitch, nor were state contractors who store the data; it also wasn’t the browser. The source was tracked through KITV’s own electronic backyard. A company called Real Networks, which KITV recommends people use to watch video on our Web site, sends out the ads.

The ads are the price people pay for the free software.

“Why are there ads on TV? Why is there ads on radio?” computer expert Peter Kay said. “Well, you are getting this content for free.”

Real Networks executives say they screen their advertisers because the ads do pop up without warning.

“Something that might be objectionable to children or offensive to someone, then we would very much kind of evaluate whether we would serve up that ad or not,”

Kay said that like other companies, Real Networks’ long and detailed user agreement tells consumers that they will be both exposed to ads and have their Internet usage monitored.

Users can avoid some advertising by minimizing the software you download. However, many consumers don’t get the message.

“You really have to have an awareness of what you are installing on your machine,” Kay said. “You really have to be careful about that.”

Because of Huff’s questions, Real Networks has blocked the casino ad from reaching Hawaii Internet service providers except for America Online. The company says it did not want to advertise a product where it is illegal.